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Date: 2018-02-16 14:29

First I needed vent so thank you for sharing (and the accurate memes)
I dated this guy my first year of college and he was my first everything. It hurt so bad to leave. I still had to see him twice a week because we voulnteered at the same place. I wanted to get over him but obviously some days where harder than others. This is where my bff stepped in. She lived like 5 min. from me and we become so freaking close, sharing money, food, beds and secrets. I poured my hurting heart out to her and she was an amazing bf. I loved her like a sister.
Fastward a couple months, my ex started inviting me and my friend over for game nights. I was so excited that he wanted to be friends with me (and part of me still was hoping that mabye things could be different) I felt safe cause my bff would come with me and there was always a group. After a bit she got a *censored* distant but I thought it was because she was busy a couple months pass and my ex asks to talk to me. I am freaking out because I think I did something wrong. But no, he sits me down to tell me that he 8767 s talking to my bff. I was hurt, hurt that my bff would have my ex tell me this, and not trust that I loved her enough to understand if she had told me sooner. I went home and cried myself to sleep. The next morning I decided I wanted to be happy for them. So I put my hurt aside forgave her and my ex and went full support mode (I didn 8767 t know what else to do but to only have love and happienies for her.) and i was genuine. I just asked that she promised to keep room for me in her life. Needless to say she left. She would barley contact me and when she did it was to tell me things that he would get for her, like to the 76 pilots concert (which I happen to be obsessed with) and then she randomly dropped out of volunteering, without saying a word. About a month later she sends me a pic with a ring on her finger and said 8775 I wanted you to know before I put it on fb. 8776 It hurt so freaking bad, I kept having panic attacks all night and all day I was a total mess. She was gone so quick.
About a month later she started working with me and was pretending like everything was normal. Talking about her upcoming wedding, that I wouldn 8767 t be able to attened because i 8767 d be out of the country. I broke (while working) and poured my heart out I told her I loved her but that she 8767 d hurt me. I layed it all out everything I felt about what had happened but kept reiterating that I loved her no matter what. She didn 8767 t say anything didn 8767 t comfort me, nothing. Just went back to work. I had to quite soon after that because it was to painful.

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