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Date: 2018-02-21 14:29

i am a single male of marrying age. i tend to listen as critically as i can and think for myself. in my view, the preference for feminine energy over masculine energy is not wise. all such a statement does is pander to women. i 8767 ve noticed that the guys with 8775 red pill 8776 advice speak quite a lot of truth about women. i wouldn 8767 t believe it if not for the growing number of women who support what these men have to say about women as a class. men want to fell valued just for being men. instead women value us as utilities to meet their own needs while ignoring ours. basically, a lot of the guys who fall into the 8775 red pill 8776 , MGTOW camp feel used. they feel like women have become unreasonable. a lot of people like to put the focus on these mens 8767 bitterness or lack of trust. but rather than doing that, maybe we should look at why they feel that way. and if SO many men do in fact feel that way, maybe it is a problem with women, rather than one with men. people don 8767 t just wake up one day and feel angry and abused and whatnot. and it 8767 s kind of foolish to say that it 8767 s entirely their fault that they are that way. it takes two to tango after all. and when something as simple as asking a woman to pay for herself on a first date is met with shaming tactics and judgment as to a man 8767 s ability to provide, etc. without holding the woman accountable at all it sends the message that what men want simply doesn 8767 t matter. self respecting men don 8767 t put up with that. they don 8767 t just pander to women because women say so. they make their own demands which they feel are reasonable. and if they aren 8767 t met, they do their own thing. that doesn 8767 t make them misogynists. anger is a perfectly rational and healthy response to being mistreated. why do we look at men to blame for womens 8767 problems..but blame men too for mens 8767 problems? it 8767 s wrong. calling them bitter misogynists only deflects responsibility from how some women behave. in fact, how quite a lot of women behave. because they can. because nobody holds them accountable for it. the vast majority of women are far more misogynistic towards one another than men could ever be towards women. women know this. it 8767 s why women as a class are very self loathing creatures. so there 8767 s no need to pass the blame onto men. look at yourselves. consider what you 8767 re doing wrong. treat men with kindness, respect, and don 8767 t consider yourself special simply because you are a woman. that doesn 8767 t fly any more. take it easy. 

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Hellllo! Long time no speak, sorry i 8767 ve been away but I 8767 m back! Not really shrill as such just very passionate about the really important things. So glad you agree:-). all be it grudgingly *censored*. It 8767 s all good, and I hear you on the female responsibilities side too. I 8767 m an old fashioned girl with a new *censored* edge so I understand that there are some women who are not holding up their end of the bargain and could quite frankly burn boiling water haha. That being said sadly what i see 95% of the time is women having to do both jobs, being mum and dad I see it allll the time and it 8767 s really disheartening. The woman had to provide the finance and cook the food to put on the table and go to the parents evenings alone and stay at home watching other people get to live their lives while their x partner (or current in some cases) runs around like a *censored* still going out with mates constantly talking about I have to work so I can 8767 t do a dang thing, can 8767 t find time to spend with the *censored*s but has time & money to book a lads holiday because HE needs a ! I could go in further but there 8767 s no need, you 8767 re quite obviously not that guy because you do your best to provide and I can 8767 t tell you how much I respect that. Guys like you are few and far between these days but you can 8767 t afford to leave the raising of your *censored*ren solely on the head of your other half because if you want the *censored*ren to be fully rounded they will need your influence too. I understand the difficulty in doing a heavy demanding job and trying to balance that with the *censored*s but thats something single women and some men even are doing on a daily babe and you have help! So hard it most certainly is but.. can you do it? Hell yes! You just need to be smart about it and work as a team. My mum and pops worked alternate shifts so mum would get us up, washed, dressed and fed then off to *censored* she would make breakfast for Pops most mornings also. Then my dad would be off to work ( Credit control) then mum would tidy the house do washing prepare dads dinner etc. Then she would get us from *censored* feed us and when dad got in Mum would go to work in the evening. Occasionally Dad would grab me from *censored* in the car if it was raining and he 8767 d left work early enough ( made me feel very special). So then all dad had to do really was watch us until bed time, but he also often bought work home with him. This is why i say i totally understand the juggling that is required but what i 8767 m saying is there are simple ways around some things Dad would play a couple of games of hide and seek with us then he would get me to help with his work:) I loved it because it made me feel closer to him and like he trusted me to be grown up and help him. I was learning and helping and spending time with him all at the same time ( even though it was only high lighting dates etc) it didn 8767 t matter! I knew he cared about and loved me just from those *censored* things, and I thought he was the best! Then he would put me in the car and we would pick up my mother from work and we 8767 d go home together. Babe team work makes the dream work -) So long as you can admire how hard it is to be a mother (cause working or not.. its a full time job on it 8767 s own) and your partner admires how hard you work to keep your family comfortable you 8767 ll be good! Be easy on each other try to make things even remembering that *censored*s are full time so if she 8767 s home all day with the *censored*s she doesn 8767 t have adult interaction (which will drive anyone crazy) don 8767 t expect a 79/7 catering service etc. Be aware that once or twice a week she might want a take away, or for you to cook:) or even better get a sitter and take her out of the house and just you watch what you get back in return. Spending time with the *censored*s doesn 8767 t necessarily mean you have to be constantly booking tickets to alton towers, *censored*s are mostly happy with the simple things they just want a bit of your time, even if you 8767 re just secretly getting them to do your work for you *censored*. Also your sons need you even more because a women may not need you for much else these days we 8767 re taught to be independent due to circumstances of the world, but she still needs you to show affection and to help her son become a man that 8767 s one thing we can try to do but it 8767 s truly a mans job. I hope you have a great woman and that you learn to truly appreciate her and vice versa. There 8767 s not enough of what i had growing up around. Stay blessed and grateful and good luck with the babies it doesn 8767 t take much for them to grow up truly believing you were the best dad in the world! Or that you didn 8767 t really care for them and never had time. it 8767 s your choice at the end of the day. Best of luck to you hun truly:-) sorry no time to proof read but i 8767 m sure you get it all *censored*.

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